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Opening Statements - Storytelling for the Courtroom

This text takes a common sense approach to creating opening statements that persuade. It focuses on the process of case analysis, communication techniques that work, and the delivery of superior opening statements. A must read for trial lawyers that want to either develop or refine their opening statement skills, it is also an interesting read for anyone who either comes in contact with the courts, or has an interest in the craft of persuasion.

Federal Criminal Procedures: Cases that Matter

A collection of edited cases covering the fundamental aspects of Federal Criminal Constitutional law, this book is designed to properly capture the most relevant cases without adding overly burdensome material. Created to cover the major aspects of Federal Criminal Constitutional law, coverage includes relevant cases addressing 4th, 5th, 6th, 5th Due Process and 14th Amendment issues. From Katz to Alta Vista, through Wong Sun and beyond, this casebook easily meets the core case competency coverage requirements for Federal Criminal Procedures courses in law school. Interested adopters should contact the author directly for copies of the teaching materials accompanying this text.

Everyday Evidence: A Practical Approach

This text takes a look at evidentiary law through the lens of cases, problems, and examples.  It teaches evidence the way it should be taught, in context.  Covering all of the fundamental areas of evidentiary law necessary to create competency in the subject, Everyday Evidence is dedicated to the idea that teaching law without considering how it is practice is fundamentally wrong.  To some small extent this text seeks to address that imbalance while providing students of the law with a resource that is clear, grounded in fundamentals, and with an approach that ensures comprehension and competency.  Included in this ebook are videos of lectures, skill presentation and slides discussing and applying evidentiary law.   The text also includes the Federal Rules of Evidence, complete with the most recent rules as of December 2012.

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