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Practice Ready Press concentrates on creating materials meeting the needs of law students and practicing attorneys. To that end we focus on the intersection of substantive law and practical legal skills, providing proven techniques to increase persuasive power immediately in a variety of situations.

Our authors are practitioners, teachers and experts in their fields.  Their proven approach has empowered readers from around the world.   Advocates adopting the suggested techniques will improve significantly - whether engaging opposing counsel, arguing with a judge, or explaining to a jury.  

Attorneys and current law students need resources filling the gaps left open by traditional law school education.  We are committed to providing them.  Every member of the legal profession benefits from resources that allow them to focus on learning the law in a way that maximizes their ability to not only understand the law, but to also practice the law.

We have a youtube page devoted to these subjects called TRIALADVOCACY.  There you can see some of our presenters in action, and get a taste of how the skills we talk about in our materials work in the real world.  You can also read some of our thoughts about teaching advocacy on our blog,  

Practice Ready Press brings decades of experience practicing, teaching and writing about the law.  If you are just beginning to contemplate the possibilities of joining the legal profession our texts will give you a real world insight into what you might expect.   If you have expertise that you think might make you the type of author that we are looking for drop us a line, we are always interested in talking to authors that are committed to creating resources for the practicing attorney.  Good luck on your path to becoming the best advocate possible.

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